Taron Egerton Weight Gain: A Closer Look at His Physical Journey

Taron Egerton Weight Gain


Taron Egerton Weight Gain:Taron Egerton is a popular Welsh actor best known for his roles in Kingsman and Rocketman. In recent years, Egerton’s physique has noticeably changed as the actor has gained a significant amount of weight. Egerton’s weight gain has sparked much discussion and speculation among fans and the media. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Taron Egerton’s body transformation and weight gain journey over the years.

Taron Egerton’s Background

Before analyzing Egerton’s physical changes, it’s helpful to learn about his background. Egerton was born in 1989 in Birkenhead, England. He began acting on stage as a child before transitioning to film and television roles. His breakout performance came in 2014 when he starred as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin in the popular action comedy film Kingsman: The Secret Service. The role required Egerton to be in excellent physical shape. He reprised the role in the 2017 sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Egerton gained even more fame for his portrayal of Elton John in the 2019 musical biopic Rocketman. The role was both dramatically and vocally demanding. Egerton performed the singing parts himself and had to convincingly depict John over decades of his storied career.

Taron Egerton Gains Weight for Black Bird Role

Taron Egerton gained 20-25 pounds to play James “Jimmy” Keene in the new Apple TV show Black Bird. Egerton played the real-life former high school football player turned drug dealer Jimmy Keene. Keene gets 10 years in an easy prison. But he can move to a tougher prison if he gets a confession from a serial killer named Larry Hall.

To look like a football player, the 5’10” Egerton bulked up a lot in 6 weeks with his trainer. By lifting heavy weights and eating more, Egerton added major muscle. He went from 150 pounds to about 175. Egerton ate lots of chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and ale every day to gain weight.

The fast weight gain hurt Egerton, who felt “awful” and sore. But he bounced back quickly after filming finished. Egerton said, “That was hard on my body and mind. I was pretty fat and not healthy. I’ve lost two stone since then.” Egerton’s hard work shows his commitment to transform into characters. His work got praise from critics for the big physical change to play Jimmy Keene.

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Taron Egerton Continued Diet and Exercise for Sequel For Weight Gain

Egerton maintained his ripped physique for the Kingsman sequel which filmed in 2016 and 2017. Despite having a few years gap between the films, the actor remained disciplined with his diet and exercise regimen. In interviews promoting The Golden Circle, Egerton spoke about the importance of staying fit for the role. He cut out alcohol and continued training in the gym leading up to and during filming. This consistency showed Egerton’s dedication to the Kingsman franchise and character.

In 2022, Taron Egerton underwent an impressive transformation for his role in the Apple TV+ series “Black Bird.” The show, centered around James Jimmy Knee’s life, required Taron to add some muscle to his frame. Here are the key steps he took for his muscular journey:

  1. Smart Eating: Taron began by ensuring he had enough calories in the early stages of weight gain. Later, he shifted to a calorie deficit while focusing on a high-protein diet. This approach allowed his body to build muscle efficiently.
  2. Cardio Commitment: Unlike common practices, Taron didn’t ignore cardio during his weight gain journey. Regular cardio workouts not only helped improve his overall fitness but also enhanced his performance in other exercises. Controlled breathing and excellent cardiovascular health were crucial for his success.
  3. Strength Training: Taron incorporated weightlifting into his routine to stimulate muscle growth. However, he emphasized the importance of proper form and technique to avoid injuries. Lifting weights became a key component of his transformation.
  4. Embracing Patience: Taron highlighted the significance of patience in achieving fitness goals. He emphasized that transformations take time and aren’t achieved overnight. Enjoying the process and taking gradual steps were essential aspects of his journey.

Taron Egerton’s commitment to a balanced approach—combining nutrition, cardio, strength training, and patience—resulted in a notable muscular transformation during his time on “Black Bird.”

Taron Egerton Weight Gain After Kingsman Era

After completing his Kingsman duties, Egerton began expanding his acting range into more varied roles. In 2018, he starred as Robin Hood in a grittier reboot of the classic tale. The role didn’t require the same level of fitness as Kingsman. As a result, Egerton was able to relax his diet and workout regimen. He also took a break from action films for some time. This combination led the actor to naturally put on weight as he entered his late 20s. The weight gain was gradual but noticeable over the course of 2018 and 2019.

Preparing for Rocketman Role

In 2019, Taron Egerton shifted gears to take on the role of a lifetime – playing Elton John in Rocketman. The biopic required the actor to substantially bulk up to realistically portray John in the 1970s and 1980s. During this period, John struggled with drug abuse, binge eating, and weight issues. Egerton wanted to accurately depict these challenges on screen. He began intentionally gaining weight for the role towards the end of 2018. The actor added roughly 30 pounds leading up to the Rocketman filming period. This transformation showed Egerton’s impressive commitment to completely becoming John.

Continuing to Pack on Pounds

Even after completing filming for Rocketman in early 2019, Egerton kept the weight on. Throughout 2019, he continued gaining weight while taking a break between projects. The actor reached close to 200 pounds, nearing obesity for his height of 5’10”. Egerton later revealed that he found it “quite fun” to gain weight after previously having to stay ripped for so long. Photos of a noticeably heavier Egerton hanging out in London circulated online, surprising many fans. While shocking, this represented a normal reaction as Egerton finally let his diet and exercise habits slip for an extended period.

Responding to Weight Gain Comments

By early 2020, Taron Egerton’s weight gain became too obvious for the media to ignore. He began facing questions about his physical transformation while promoting Rocketman. Egerton has been refreshingly honest when responding to these weight-related inquiries. He confessed that the weight gain happened mostly by accident after letting himself go following years of discipline. The actor also noted that he struggles to find exercise motivation outside of preparing for specific roles. Ultimately, Egerton seems comfortable with his body regardless of what others think about it.

Showing Self-Acceptance

Despite some less than flattering tabloid coverage of his weight gain, Egerton has exhibited self-acceptance. He hasn’t rushed to lose weight even while aware of unflattering photographs and comments circulating publicly. The actor has focused on celebrating his acting achievements, like winning a Golden Globe for Rocketman, rather than worrying about extra pounds. Egerton’s candidness and self-assurance are admirable traits that set a strong example regarding body image. They also further endear the charismatic star to his loyal fans.

Potential Weight Loss Journey Ahead

While Taron Egerton has embraced his weight gain, it likely won’t last forever. As he takes on new acting roles, the expectations for his physical appearance will increase once again. Egerton has proven how dedicated he can be when he sets a goal for himself. It’s very possible that he’ll ramp up exercise and slim down his diet when required for a future part. The actor has noted that he’d love to return to the Kingsman franchise if the opportunity arises. This would presumably motivate Egerton to regain his lean action hero physique. For now, fans are enjoying seeing him explore different types of characters regardless of his size.


Taron Egerton’s weight gain over the past few years represents a fascinating shift for the rising star. After needing to stay fit for his breakout Kingsman performances, Egerton has relaxed and put on weight naturally in his late 20s. While shocking to some, Egerton’s openness about his changing body has been refreshing. His self-confidence has impressed fans who admire Egerton for his immense talent beyond just his physical image. There’s no doubt Egerton can regain top shape when required for a role. But for now, he seems content with his current weight. As he continues progressing in his acting career, it will be interesting to see if or how Egerton’s physique evolves. Regardless, he has proven his commitment to embodying a character whatever it takes.

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