Gina Carano Weight Gain Journey: From MMA Fighter to Hollywood Star

Gina Carano weight gain

Gina Carano Weight Gain :Gina Carano is an actress and former mixed martial artist who has gone through a significant body transformation over the course of her career. She gained a substantial amount of weight after retiring from MMA fighting and transitioning into an acting career.

Gina Carano first made a name for herself in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). She started off as a Muay Thai fighter before transitioning to MMA where she had a 7-1 professional record. At the height of her MMA career, Carano was known for her toned and athletic physique which was crucial for her success in the fight world.

However, after retiring from MMA in 2009, Carano began pursuing an acting career. This career pivot coincided with a noticeable change in her weight and physique. No longer having to maintain the slim and ripped figure of a fighter, Carano gained a significant amount of weight as she adjusted to her post-MMA life.

While some criticized her weight gain, many applauded Carano for embracing a healthier and more natural body type. Her weight gain journey represents the realities that many face as their career and priorities change with age. Let’s take a closer look at how Carano’s body has changed over time.

Carano’s Background:

Before gaining fame as an actress, Gina Carano led a successful career in Muay Thai and MMA fighting. Born in 1982 in Dallas, Texas, Carano was attracted to combat sports from a young age. She studied psychology at the University of Nevada, but ultimately decided to pursue Muay Thai fighting full-time.

Early in her fighting career, Carano had an undeniably athletic and toned physique. At 5’8″ and around 135-140 lbs, she had sculpted arms and abs as well as powerful legs. This lean muscle mass gave Carano strength and agility in the ring.

Her success as a Muay Thai fighter led her to transition to MMA in 2006. That year she had her first professional MMA fight, beating Leiticia Pestova. Carano went on an impressive run, winning her first 7 MMA fights over the next 3 years. She became one of the most popular female fighters in the world and was known as the “Face of Women’s MMA.”

Carano’s Physique as a Fighter:

When she was actively fighting, Gina Carano maintained a physique that was both feminine and functional for combat sports. She had noticeable muscles and striated abs, but still maintained a proportionally curvy figure. Her fitness regimen focused on building strength, speed, and power rather than developing a bulky and overly muscular frame.

At the peak of her fighting career in 2009, Carano weighed in at 134 lbs for her last match against Cris Cyborg. She had around 15% body fat which is considered quite low for a woman. Carano achieved this athletic physique through a strict training routine of MMA practice, weight lifting, calisthenics, and cardio. Her diet was also carefully controlled to meet her high protein needs while keeping calories in check.

This lean, toned look served Carano well in MMA where speed and agility are crucial. However, as her priorities shifted away from fighting, her physique began to reflect those changes.

Transitioning to an Acting Career:

In 2009, Carano had her last MMA fight – a title match against Cris Cyborg which she lost. Although she had been successful as a fighter up until that point, Carano’s passions were shifting towards acting and modeling.

She decided to retire from professional fighting to pursue new opportunities in Hollywood. That year, Carano appeared as “Crush,” a Gladiator girl, in the popular TV show American Gladiators. This marked her transition into the entertainment business.

Over the next few years, Carano landed roles in major Hollywood films like Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool. It became clear that her days as a fighter were behind her and she was now focused on her acting career full-time. With this career move also came a noticeable change in Carano’s physical appearance.

Weight Gain and Body Changes:

Once she retired from MMA fighting, Gina Carano no longer had to maintain the ripped physique of a professional athlete. As she adjusted to her post-fighting life, Carano gained a significant amount of weight that drastically changed her figure.

By 2012, three years after her last pro fight, Carano’s weight reportedly increased to around 155 lbs – nearly 20 lbs more than her fighting weight. She also lost the defined muscle tone that was previously evident in her arms, shoulders, and abdominal area.

In paparazzi photos from this time period, Carano appeared visibly curvier with a softer shape. Her face was also fuller and she seemed to completely move away from the diet and training regimen required for MMA.

Carano’s weight increased even more dramatically over the next several years. Some estimates put her weight gain at 40-50 lbs since her fighting days. Other sources speculate she may have gained as much as 75-80 lbs at her heaviest.

Regardless of the exact number, it was clear that Carano had embraced a more natural body type that was quite different from her MMA physique which required grueling workouts and strict diet control.

Response from Fans and Critics:

Carano’s dramatic body transformation sparked a range of reactions from both fans and critics. Some people fat-shamed her and lamented the loss of her previously toned figure. However, many others celebrated her weight gain and praised Carano for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Some key points of discussion regarding her weight changes:

  • Concerns about potential health problems: Some doctors speculated that the rapid weight gain could put Carano at future risk for conditions like diabetes or heart disease if she did not make lifestyle changes.
  • Accusations of “letting herself go”: Harsh critics claimed Carano got “fat and lazy” after retiring from fighting, implying she lacked self-control and discipline.
  • Inspiration to fans: Many fans found Carano inspiring for embracing her natural body, free from unattainable standards required for MMA. Her weight gain made her more relatable.
  • Setting a positive example: Carano’s body positivity and willingness to live authentically was applauded as a good example for women.
  • Indicator of emotional changes: Sports psychologists theorized that the weight gain may signal Carano’s increased happiness and satisfaction since leaving the restrictions of professional fighting behind.

Overall, a wide spectrum of opinions emerged regarding how Carano handled her physical evolution in the public eye. But the common theme was that her journey represented a realistic process many face in their own lives.

Carano’s Current Physique and Lifestyle:

In more recent years, it seems Carano has found a healthy balance and her weight has stabilized at around 165 lbs on her 5’8″ frame. While she’ll likely never return to her fighting weight, the former MMA star looks content with her figure.

She’s adopted a lifestyle that clearly no longer revolts around maintaining an athletic physique, but still keeps her healthy. Carano has been open about taking a more relaxed approach to diet and exercise these days.

While she still fits in occasional workouts, they are no longer hardcore training sessions geared towards competition and combat sports. Similarly, her nutrition plan focuses on enjoying all foods in moderation rather than restricting calories or macronutrients.

This balanced approach has allowed Carano to settle into her natural body size while still taking care of herself. As she continues advancing her acting career, fans are happy to see Carano looking satisfied and healthy even if she no longer has the ripped physique of her fighting days.

Key Takeaways:

Gina Carano’s weight gain and body transformation over the years provides some key takeaways:

  • It’s natural for physique to change as people age and life priorities shift. Carano no longer needed to maintain the body of an MMA fighter in her acting career.
  • Sudden changes like weight gain can be caused by major lifestyle adjustments and signal happier times ahead.
  • Striving for fitness perfection and restrictive dieting is often unrealistic or unhealthy long-term. Moderation and self-acceptance are better goals.
  • People should not face criticism for their bodies taking a more natural shape, like when Carano gained weight.
  • With her evolving figure, Carano set a positive example of body positivity and learning to love yourself at any size.


Like many female celebrities, Gina Carano has faced extensive public commentary on the changes in her physique over the years. However, her weight gain journey from MMA fighter to Hollywood star sends an important message.

Rather than succumbing to pressure to have a perfect figure, Carano has embraced her natural body while still being healthy. After a lifetime of strict training regimes and diet control to be in fighting shape, she has undeniably earned the right to live a more balanced lifestyle aligned with her current acting career.

While Carano may never return to the 135 lb physique of her MMA days, she seems happy and confident with her physical evolution. Though some have criticized her weight gain, true fans are proud to see Carano looking healthy and content in the next phase of her entertainment career.

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