Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery And Her Weight Loss Journey

Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery

Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery :Coleen Rooney stands in the spotlight as wife to famous footballer Wayne Rooney. For over 20 years, she faced intense public scrutiny over her looks. Recently, Coleen shared an intimate documentary that sparked renewed interest in her use of plastic surgery and weight loss efforts over the years.

By bravely opening up in the film, Coleen took control of her narrative. She shared her struggles and triumphs navigating life in the public eye. Let’s explore Coleen’s cosmetic enhancements, weight fluctuations, and journey to self-love.

Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Enhancements Over the Years

Coleen met football icon Wayne Rooney when she was just 12 years old. They began dating in their teens, long before Rooney achieved fame. Photos from early in their relationship show Coleen as a fresh-faced natural beauty with a radiant smile.

However, the scrutiny intensified when Coleen settled into her role as a high-profile WAG (wives and girlfriends of footballers). Fans started noticing changes in her appearance.

Coleen’s lips now look notably plumper, sparking speculation about lip fillers. Comparing photos, the difference between Coleen’s teenage pout and her current fuller lips proves striking.

Eagle-eyed observers also suspect Coleen may have gotten subtle anti-aging injections like Botox or dermal fillers. These cosmetic procedures can provide a youthful appearance with limited wrinkles or expression lines.

In addition, some believe Coleen may have gotten a nose job. Her nose looks slightly thinner and more refined in recent years compared to her younger self.

While Coleen hasn’t confirmed specific plastic surgery procedures, she did admit:

“I’ve had work done on my lips and I’m happy with it.”

So by her own admission, lip fillers seem to be one treatment Coleen has utilized over time. She likely maintains them regularly to keep her pillowy pout.

If Coleen has undergone other plastic surgeries like Botox or a nose job, she has maintained a natural, subtle look. Her enhancements provide understated improvements versus dramatic overdone procedures. Coleen continues radiating her signature girl-next-door beauty.

Coleen’s Weight Fluctuations and Body Confidence Struggles

Along with plastic surgery speculation, Coleen also faces frequent criticism about her weight and curvy figure. As a shapely woman in the limelight, harsh comments on her body often arise.

After giving birth to her first son Kai in 2009, Coleen struggled immensely to shed 70 pounds of baby weight. At her heaviest weight of 163 pounds, she shared:

“When you’re in the public eye, it’s really hard.”

Determined to slim down, Coleen committed herself to strict dieting and exercise. By 2011, she successfully dropped 50 pounds through rigorous workouts.

However, Coleen regained nearly 50 pounds during her second pregnancy with Klay, born in 2013. Once again, she worked hard to lose the baby weight, citing meal delivery services and SoulCycle classes as keys to getting fit again.

This cycle of yo-yo dieting took a toll on Coleen’s confidence over the years. She admitted:

“I’ve gone through stages where I’ve felt very down about my body. It can be really tough.”

In addition to dieting struggles, Coleen faced hurtful body-shaming online. She shared how these abusive comments cut deep:

“People said I was too skinny, people said I was too fat. Obviously it upsets you.”

Coleen Bares All in Tell-All Documentary

After enduring intense public scrutiny on her marriage, motherhood, and body, Coleen took control by telling her story in an open documentary titled “Rooney” in 2022.

Filming occurred during another postpartum period after Coleen gave birth to her fourth son, Cass, in 2018. Cameras captured an emotional Coleen upset over her post-baby weight, desperate to lose pounds again.

This time, however, Coleen adopted a healthier mindset, acknowledging:

“Over the years I’ve learned to embrace my body. I’m a lot more confident now.”

She also called out the damaging impact of weight comments on her children:

“It’s not nice for the kids to see when people make nasty comments about your weight.”

By bravely opening up about her body image struggles, Coleen took a big step towards self-love and acceptance.

Coleen’s Continued Weight Loss and Fitness Journey

Now settled back in the UK after husband Wayne’s football club change, Coleen seems fit, toned, and radiant. She often shares workout videos doing exercises like battle ropes, kettlebell swings, yoga, Pilates, and boxing.

Along with regular exercise, it appears Coleen has cleaned up her diet with lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and healthy fats. Avoiding processed foods and added sugars helps her maintain a strong, fit physique.

While there’s no perfect weight or body type, Coleen clearly feels healthiest and most confident living actively and fueling herself nutritiously. The difference in her outlook shines through since filming her truthful documentary.

Looking Ahead with Self-Acceptance

Moving forward, hopefully Coleen can silence her critics and focus on self-care and acceptance. She has so much more to offer than just her looks or dress size.

Coleen’s vulnerability in sharing her storyspotlights her strength. She is an inspiration as a mother, wife, businesswoman, and woman who has endured immense public scrutiny.

If Coleen pursues more plastic surgery or changes up her diet and fitness, so be it. The documentary reveals her self-assurance to now make those choices for herself, not anyone else.

With her newfound confidence, Coleen can continue embracing her beauty, strength, and worth in this next chapter. Her journey illustrates how self-love radiates from within.


Coleen Rooney’s journey in the public eye reflects the intense pressure placed on women regarding their looks and weight. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share her struggles makes her a role model for self-acceptance. In the end, Coleen’s story highlights the need for more compassion and less judgment, both from the public and ourselves.

While scrutiny will likely continue over her appearance choices, Coleen seems grounded in self-love. She focuses on keeping fit for her health versus giving in to external ideals. By being open about her insecurities and triumphs, Coleen inspires other women on their own path to body confidence and inner peace. Her resilience and growth in learning to tune out the noise also offer hope to anyone facing bullying or criticism for how they look.

Coleen’s candid documentary provides a window into the harsh beauty standards imposed on women worldwide. However, her journey also reflects immense inner strength and wisdom gained through the challenges she’s overcome. Moving forward, Coleen can write her own narrative on her terms as she embraces the next chapter in her life.

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